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Protect your

Collaborate with anyone.

Assembl makes working together on research projects safe and easy. Our tools ensure you get credit for what you contribute.


A better way to collaborate on research

Idea theft, lack of proper credit, or bad research partners shouldn't hinder your progress. Our tools let you work without worrying.

  • Prove the originality of your discoveries

    Assembl Chronos mints blockchain-based timestamps of your work, letting you show that you were the first to discover or document something. Think of it like a private pre-print server.

  • Licensing agreements with one click

    Make it clear how you authorize your work to be used with Assembl Licensor and LIRAS licenses (designed for researchers), or choose any other common license like CC-BY-SA or ODbL.

  • Decentralized, fast, and traceable data sharing

    Assembl Databeam makes it easy to share data in a GDPR, HIPAA, and BDSG compliant manner. Databeam creates "proof of transfer" certificates for data provenance and licensing.

  • Guaranteed credit for your contributions

    When you use Assembl to share data or documents under a LIRAS or Creative Commons license, the person you're sharing with must accredit your contributions in their final research output.

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